How to Calculate Your One Rep Max

One Rep Max Calculator App

Calculate Your Lifts

To calculate your one rep max with Vandersoft’s One Rep Max Calculator app you’ll need to provide two things: weight lifted & number of repetitions.

Your results will be the most accurate when you calculate your maximum at 3 to 5 repetitions. Setup with a challenging weight! Make sure you warmup beforehand with 2-3 sets of the exercise you are calculating your one rep max for. Your warmup sets should be at a light weight.

Your one repetition maximum will be automatically calculated and displayed on the main screen highlighted in yellow.

After completing your one rep max calculation with the app make sure you log your lift so you can reference it later in the lift log and see it displayed on the graphs.

Setup the Calculator

Is something not quite right for what you want to track or calculate? Take a peek under the Settings page.

Under Setup you can:

  • Setup the weight slider to your weight range
  • Add your own custom lifts
  • Delete lifts
  • Rename lifts
  • Set whether you prefer to track your lifts using pounds or kilograms
  • Reset the entire app clearing all your saved data

GraphsOne Rep Max Calculator App Graphs

Visualize your progress over time with the “Over Time” line graph. Compare your one rep maxes with the “Max Lifts” bar graph. Breakdown your one rep maxes with the “Lift Percentage” pie chart.


Keep track of your one rep maxes by ‘lift type’ with lift logs. How did I do on this lift last time? Did I just set a new personal record (PR)? These types of questions can be easily answered by the Log screen.


  1. gina galiano

    Hi, the app is basing our numbers off of our body weight. We want our numbers to be based off our 1 rm. Can you please let me know the steps to do this?

    • Charlie Vanderhoff

      Hi Gina,

      Are you using the One Rep Max Calculator app or the Wendler Log app? One Rep Max does not have body weight tracking.

      If you’re using Wendler Log, try:

      – Going into the cycle
      – Pressing the “…” button on the top right
      – Choosing cycle options
      – Inputting your current lift 1RMs

      Hope that helps!

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