One Rep Max Calculator

Intuitively calculate your one rep max (1RM). Get a handle on your weightlifting progress by creating custom lifts and tracking your one rep maxes for multiple exercises. Get a visual of your hard earned gains with graphs.

One Rep Max Calculator

Calculate your bench press, deadlift, squat, or any other lift one rep max. Simply tell one rep max calculator how much weight you lifted, how many times you lifted it, and your one rep max will be calculated. One Rep Max Calculator will have accurate one repetition maximum calculations for almost any weightlifting exercise no matter the type of lift you are doing.


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The Perfect App For Lifters

Do you have a unique lift you want to track? Create custom lifts and track your one rep max for any exercise. Get a visual of your hard earned progress with graphs.

Calculating your one rep max before attempting it can help keep you safe. Attempting a heavy back squat without knowing your limit can easily lead to injury. This app provides you with a strength estimate before you attempt your heavy lifts.

We’ve also included a weight percentage quick reference guide. This app is great for powerlifters, olympic weightlifters, and CrossFitters.

All one rep max calculations performed using the Epley Formula. The accuracy of the one rep max calculations can vary depending on the weight training experience and muscular composition of the athlete using the calculator. This calculator is designed towards seasoned strength trainers, and those with lesser experience may find their actual one rep maximum is much lower because your nervous system cannot handle the stress of a high weight.

Lift responsibly. Heavy weightlifting should be performed with a spotter for safety.

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