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The Smolov App

The legendary Russian Squat routine that can boost your Back Squat by up to 100 pounds in 13 weeks. Smolov was created by the Russian master Sergey Smolov and later came to popularity in 2001 in the book “Power to the People Professional”.

WARNING: Smolov is not for beginners. It is recommended that you have at least a year of weightlifting experience before attempting this routine. Proper squat technique is a must.

Smolov Features

This is the program for lifters who know that anything worth doing is worth doing right. Go big, or go home.

Smolov is split into 4 phases:

– Weeks 1-2: Introduction Phase
– Weeks 3-6 Base Phase
– Weeks 7-8 Switching Phase
– Weeks 9-13 Intense Phase

Full Smolov Tips:

– Do not deadlift when doing the Full Smolov routine. Deadlifts will interfere with your squats.
– Eat: at least 4000/kcal/day (depending upon body type)
– Sleep: This is when you get stronger. Recovery will not happen if you do not get at least 8 hours of sleep
– Stretch: Stretching on rest days will prevent injures, and boost strength and recovery time
– Get a training partner

Bonus Features:

– Automate your Smolov Jr. cycles! Run any number of Smolov Jr. cycles as well as the full Smolov cycles.
– Never do plate math! We’ve included a plate calculator that will tell you what plates to load on your bar for each lift and automatically round your weights.

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