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Pull Up Challenge

Build upper body strength, physique, and stamina with pull ups! This app is great for beginners working on their first pull up, or advanced athletes looking to get 50+ pull ups.

Offline Mode

Keep working when you do not have an internet connection!


Audio prompts to tell you when to switch exercises.


Visualize your progress with beautiful graphs.

Share with Friends

Easily share scores with your friends on any social network: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

Features include:

  • 11 pull up training plans
  • Personal record tracking
  • Keep track of the total amount of pull ups completed across all workouts
  • Training history
  • Customizable workout reminder notifications
  • Warm up routines for each workout


  • Before you begin a program test your maximum number pull ups.
  • Once you know how many pull ups you can do choose a training level that is appropriate for you.
  • Use the rest timer to rest between each set of pull ups.
  • Ensure you rest the proper amount of time between each workout. The default rest time is 2 days (48 hours). Keep in mind the workout reminders can be changed under Settings if you want to rest for a different amount of time between workouts.
  • After you complete a level start on the next one. You’ll be doing 50 pull ups before you know it!
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