5x5 Weightlifting

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5×5 Weightlifting App

The easiest way to track and automatically calculate your 5×5 powerlifting routines. Simply choose which 5×5 (five by five) routine you want to follow and begin lifting! Your entire routine will be easily viewable and you can look back at your stats in a quick glance. You will not have to look at another percentage or weight chart again! Lose the spreadsheets! Take the planning out of your training so you can focus on lifting.

5x5 Weightlifting App

Offline Mode

Keep working when you do not have an internet connection!


Tons of options to customize your workout.

5x5 Weightlifting App Programs


Videos for each exercise

Share with Friends

Easily share scores with your friends on any social network: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

App Feature List

Your lifts can be setup to automatically calculated based on how you lift and your body’s own unique fitness level. Customize the programs as little or a much as you want. Stick with the most common 5×5 routines, or create your own unique program to follow directly in the app!

  • Automatically increase the weight for your lifts each new training day or week
  • Explore an exercise database of over 1,000 exercies
    Quickly view exercise demo videos
  • Customize your training days with unique lifts and stretches
  • Keep track of your scores. Your one rep max is automatically calculated for each set and tracked.
  • Rest timer so you know how long to reset between sets
  • Choose your units – kg or lbs
  • Create your own custom lifts to do with the 5×5 program of your choice
  • Switch between 5×5 programs and track all your work in one place
  • See a complete history of all your workout programs. Sort by date, reps, lift type, and one rep max.
  • Export your lift history
  • Especially designed for powerlifters & bodybuilders
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